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Greek broiled Sea Bream!
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Greek Sea Bream broiled! Litsa Bolontzakis


How to make fish! Greek Sea Bream Broiled! Why so many people are afraid of eating fish! I love to eat fish, in any form! But others, have a problem cooking fish! Really for the majority of people eating fish is a huge challenge! Let’s demystify the fish challenge, and […]

Chickpeas,Spinach and Cod!
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Chickpeas-Spinach and Cod!


What are Chickpeas-Spinach and Cod! A marvelous recipe that I came up with, and you are going to adopt it in your quest for healthy meals! Many say, that I cook with whole grains, way too much, and that is true! There is a good reason that I love to include whole grains in […]

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Tortellini by Litsa!


  Tortellini, for the love of Pasta! And the many ways to enjoy this amazing invention! I love pasta! And I have a thankful heart, every time I make it, for the people that invented pasta, and the ones that took it and made it so special! For the longest […]

Bread making-easy-recipe
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Bread making-easy recipes have become the in thing to do in the last 8 months! The year 2020 will be remembered for many unpleasant things, but also some pleasant ones! Bread making is of a pleasant kind! It really has made a difference in some households that take nutrition seriously! […]