I’m so glad that the world has become so small, in the sense that we can enjoy goods from other countries no matter how far they are.

I don’t live in Greece any more but there are many flavors and fragrances that bring back memories of my childhood and my beautiful country Greece. One of these flavors is Kasseri, a traditional Greek cheese. I would like to share with you some information about that delicious cheese and some ways to enjoy it.


Kasseri has a creamy gold color and a sharp salty flavor. It is made from sheep’s or goat’s milk in the regions of Macedonia, Thessalia, Mitilini Island and Xanthi. But how is it manufactured?

After the curd is warmed, it is hand stretched and kneaded and then put into special molds. The cheese rounds are placed in special aging rooms for several months. The flavor continues to develop and improve even after it has been packed. Kasseri is a semi-hard cheese which makes it perfect for grading.

The mean composition of Kasseri is:

  • Moisture 42,2%
  • Protein 25,8%
  • Salt 3,1%
  • pH 5.7

Kasseri is delicious plain but what is really great about it is that it’s a really versatile cheese. You can use it graded over hot foods, as a pizza topping or in recipes that require a mild semi- hard cheese. Kasseri is the cheese used in the famous Greek dish saganaki, where it’s sautéed in butter and sprinkled with lemon juice.

Personally give me a Montreal bagel and a little Kasseri cheese and i am happy… 

I can say that this is one of my favorite cheeses and I’m sure that if you try it, it’ll become one of your favorites too.


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