Greek Jumbo Lima Beans,(Gigandes)

Greek Jumbo Lima Beans,(Gigandes)
Greek Jumbo Lima Beans Gigantes

Greek Jumbo Lima Beans! Traditional Greek food that satisfies you all the way to your core!

The herbs, tomato, and olive oil make this recipe delicious, but at the same time safe and guilty free!

I like to make legumes, and I feel good about it!

Not too many things are worry-free, so we have to make the best we can to eat consciously!

And that requires some effort!

You will love this recipe, it’s one of those recipes, that take you back to your roots, and they make you think, about the times that people had more vegetables and legumes, and meat maybe once a week!

Where they more healthy? Yes! But it was a combination of things, not just eating more meat!

Cancer was something so rare! It makes you think, and maybe re-evaluate and adjust your eating habits!

So adopt some recipes that you like and have available the ingredients, and you can cook something healthy for your family!

Here is the recipe! Greek Jumbo Lima Beans, (

Greek Jumbo Lima Beans,(Gigandes)
Greek Jumbo Lima Beans, (Gigantes)


1 bag, or 2 pounds of Jumbo Lima Beans

2 onions diced + 3 cloves of garlic

1 small bunch of dill

1 small bunch of parsley

A few strands of mint

1/2 cup olive oil

2 cups prepared tomato sauce with herbs

3 cups vegetable broth

water to cover beans

Salt and pepper to taste

Here is how!

Place the beans in a large pot with plenty of water, and cook until they are almost done!

When done, if there is some water, drain them and place them in a pan!

Add all the ingredients together, and water to cover the beans!

Bake, for 30 minutes at 400, then lower to 350 and continue cooking until they are done about 45 minutes!

Feta cheese and Greek olives will complement this meal, and if you add some Greek music, Retsina, the famous Greek wine, you never know, dreams do come true!

Enjoy the day, every day is a precious gift! Greek Jumbo Lima Beans, (Gigantes) easy to make!

Litsa with Love!


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