How to make healthy eating, a priority!

How to make eating healthy, a priority in our lives!

For many, it’s such a joyful experience to spend time and organize, the meals of the family!

They are happy to start planning the menu!

They take every one of the family members into consideration, so all can be satisfied and well-nourished!

Furthermore, they all have their day to choose what they like to eat, how smart is that?

Litsa Bolontzakis
Litsa Bolontzakis

For others, it is a challenge! How to make eating healthy, a priority!

Here are just a few thoughts for the ones that have a hard time getting it together!

First, we have to know, the benefits of cooking at home! And there are benefits!

We want to eat healthily and have control over what we allow to enter our system!

We don’t have absolute control, because of the way everything is produced, but we can manage to use the little control that is left to us, and prepare our food by using the best ingredients available!

Not only that, but we have to be smart with our money, and cooking meals at home is very economical!

When we cook with our children, we spend valuable time together, and we teach them to eat healthily!

And what about the precious time we spend together during mealtime!

So, here is the first step: Make a list of weeks worth of meals! You can add the protein, and then the side and salad! For example, chicken and what you like to have with your chicken, and so on!

Try to make your meals exciting, colourful and play with the different herbs and spices!

The secret is to have ingredients available and when you do, everything falls into place, you just have an amazing time creating! Think about it, it makes so much sense, just like an artist, a painter, do you think he will ever be without paints? Never!

Remember to include seasonal food, it’s the best excuse to visit the open-air markets and get local fruits and vegetables!

And here are a few ideas, How to make eating healthy, a priority!

Be ready to win the challenge, I know that you can!

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