My comfort food – Litsa!

My Comfort food
Comfort food by Litsa!

My Comfort food!

What is my comfort food, the one that makes me feel warm all over! Hilopites with Chicken- Youvetsi

Here is a recipe I love a recipe so dear to my heart because of all the wonderful memories. Youvetsi was a dish that I loved growing up! It was and is my comfort food!

My mother’s favorite recipe and she did it so well! She used Veal or lamb never Beef or chicken!

It was a Sunday meal and my father would bring the best Parmesan available, she would also use a very special butter when cooking Youvetsi or any kind of Pasta,

Youvetsi is the traditional name of this amazing recipe.

The aroma and the taste are carved in my mind and I get a feeling of euphoria every time I think of Sundays in my parent’s house!

Comfort zone!

Here in Canada chicken is the preferred protein of the majority, therefore chicken it is, and it works so well!

As we are putting the BBQ s away we crave comfort food, and kitchens permeated with winter scents and flavors.

The children are back in school and our main concern is how to provide them with healthy nourishment that they will actually like.

Every mother in the Western part of the planet has the same dilemma, what to feed the children every day, For the rest of the planet, we will talk another day.

Healthy and economical is the issue today.

I love soups and casseroles, real food comfort food that doesn’t come out of a can, food that is pure.

Casseroles, especially in winter give me a satisfied feeling because they are easy and fast and a hit every time with my family and friends.

Also, they go a long way and they make a crowd happy! 

Regards Litsa

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