Where do you like to eat when you go out?

Where do you like to eat when you go out?

Cooking Greek Food!

I like to follow the spirit of every nationality, and I’m not particularly eager to eat something that has no origin for the most part!

If I am in the mood for Italian, I will go to that hole-in-the-wall small place, with Authentic Italian food!

I love fresh pasta!

It’s the same with all the Authentic places, like Greek and Portuguese, with the delicious chicken they roast, and so on! If I want Lamb, or Moussaka, with the delicious Greek salad, I will look for Authentic Greek Food!

I will search and find new places, and I will try them, if I feel they are what they say they are, I am very loyal! If not and that is the case many times, they will never see me again. I don’t want some imitation Greek food, that will not do for me!

Once in an Italian place, I wanted to have veal, it was so bad with the freezer burn, and the transparent little fillets of Veal, that I never finished my meal!

Here is my message to the big guys, some people know their meat, and not everyone is how you perceive them to be!

Therefore I will try Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and so on, at least once, and take it from there!

But my eternal love will be Greek food, they know how to prepare all kinds of meat to my liking!

Love LitsaB!

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