Litsa Bolontzakis

Litsa Bolontzakis, My passion, and love for my heritage are the reason I published two amazing books about Greek cooking, treasure-filled coffee table books with wonderful pictures and easy-to-follow recipes.

My mission is to make the Greek way of cooking an enjoyable experience and to encourage people to see how healthy it is to eat seasonally. I want to teach them about olive oil – the liquid gold of the Mediterranean – and the abundance of herbs and spices the region has to offer.

The Greek cuisine is a gift to the world, and I welcome everyone to take the challenge and try my recipes. You will be pleasantly surprised with the simplicity of the recipes and the very delicious results every time you try the “Taste of Greece.”

At the same time, I feel we have to educate our young ones on developing healthy eating habits that will keep them fit and full of energy. This has to be our goal as parents and grandparents, to be ahead of the game because our children are bombarded every day with millions of dollars worth of advertising by huge corporations that have just one goal – to make money.

We want to succeed in any way possible. The Seasons books are wonderful little tools in educating our precious children about nature and the amazing gifts the four seasons bring along, year after year. Chestnuts, watermelons, cherries, oranges, and all kinds of nuts are nature’s candy for our children and for all of us. So let’s do our best with our young ones to help them understand, love and respect the seasons, and to appreciate nature – when we understand and love something, we protect it! With love and patience, we can accomplish miracles with our families and the people around us!

My Story

Litsa Bolontzakis was born in Greece.

At an early age, she moved with her family to Canada, where she grew up and where she still resides today with her own family.

For the past 16 years, Litsa Bolontzakis has been with Publications Hummingbird International.A company that publishes cookbooks and children’s books.

She comes from a family which has always been involved in the food industry. From her grandmother with her taverna to her grandfather and father in the fishing industry, her passion was and always will be good, healthy eating.

Her dream is to share the treasures of the “Taste of Greece” with the world and especially with the people in the land where she resides and which she loves very much: Canada. “Take the Taste of Greece with You” is an amazing hardcover coffee table book of traditional Greek recipes with full-page pictures (in English, also available in paperback). Boukia Boukia features an array of international finger-food recipes – it’s a dream for easy entertaining. Both books are labors of love!

” Take the Taste of Greece with You” was honored by the prestigious Gourmand World Cook Book Awards of France in July 2009 and awarded Best in Canada and Best in the World for the year 2009.

Litsa’s project the four children’s books based on the four seasons of the year as seen through the eyes of a young girl growing up in Greece was a dream and a tribute to her amazing parents.

They are finished and they are beautiful, hardcover and created with so much love…

They are educational with, of course, a little cooking thrown in for good measure! these hardcover books feature artwork by Daniela Zekina, an award-winning illustrator.

Litsa Bolontzakis has made appearances on the Greek TV shows Ehi Gousto with Bilio Tsoukalas, and Omorfos Cosmos to Proi with Mr. Arnaoutoglou. In Canada, she has appeared on Edo kai Tora with Mr. Trialonis, a delightful hour featuring Greek news.

new2new1Currently, she is hosting a cooking segment on the program Edo Montreal, which is shown on the Odyssey cable network and broadcasts across Canada. “Entertaining with Style” is the name of her segment and features her love and passion for entertaining with the very rich flavors and spices of the Mediterranean.

Litsa Bolontzakis!