Chickpeas,Spinach and Cod!
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Chickpeas-Spinach and Cod!


What are Chickpeas-Spinach and Cod! A marvelous recipe that I came up with, and you are going to adopt it in your quest for healthy meals! Many say, that I cook with whole grains, way too much, and that is true! There is a good reason that I love to include whole grains in […]

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Tortellini by Litsa!


  Tortellini, for the love of Pasta! And the many ways to enjoy this amazing invention! I love pasta! And I have a thankful heart, every time I make it, for the people that invented pasta, and the ones that took it and made it so special! For the longest […]

Bread making-easy-recipe
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Bread making-easy recipes have become the in thing to do in the last 8 months! The year 2020 will be remembered for many unpleasant things, but also some pleasant ones! Bread making is of a pleasant kind! It really has made a difference in some households that take nutrition seriously! […]

Main Dishes Recipes

Peanut butter chicken!LitsaB!


Peanut butter chicken! Another delicious chicken recipe! Peanut butter chicken! You can’t have enough recipes for this easy to cook delicious bird! Easy recipes are making me very happy, and this one is a must if you like variety in your meals! We here in the Amerikas eat way too […]