Why one Heart!

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One heart Litsa Bolontzakis
One heart Litsa Bolontzakis

Good morning, taping today, delicious recipes are coming your way, recipes with a past, and a future? Absolutely!

My Moto, take the control back and let’s teach our young ones how to make healthy meals. If we love them and we definitely do, we will do just that!

Remember feed your engine well and it will take you further! No parts available, you have to take care of and protect the ones you have!❤️

Sometimes when I have a conversation with my maker, I ask him, why one heart my father! You know it breaks Easy! Maybe, just maybe you could have tacked one away in a secret place and replace the broken one when the need arises! Do you know how many broken hearts are out there, of course, you do, and you are doing your best to mend them! One by one you heal them! We have to do our best to protect our heart since we only have one!

Eat well, rest and get good sleep, drink a lot of water, the heart needs hydration to keep working well, try to be happy, happy thoughts are important, get some sun and laugh, dance and do things that give you Joy! In other words, disperse the dark clouds and find what makes happy, when you do hold on to it! This is your medication for a healthy heart!

Here is something I think about often, if you have a giving heart,be prepared to get hurt,because not everyone has a heart like yours and you will be in pain sometimes!Please do things in moderation and never expect something in return,only then you will be OK!

LOL with a touch of Parapono!

Litsa with #Love!❤️

My love for Animals depends on you!

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Litsa Bolontzalis
Litsa Bolontzakis

Don’t take me wrong, I love #animals and dogs I adore!But my love for animals depends on you! My kids love animals, and when older they exposed me to wonderful dogs, that I loved to the very end!
I was away when Meli, our little Pomeranian Toy died and it broke my heart when I heard that she went in her favorite little place next to my side of the bed and died!

Dogs are a gift to humans, a very thoughtful gift. But I have a problem with some animal owners, actually more than one!
1 Love your animals but don’t #worship them! They have their place and they enrich our lives! But they should never take the place of humans!
2 Treat them with love and protect them. If you abuse an animal, you will not be very kind to humans as well!
3 Don’t chew their food and #feed them in my presence, I detest that!
If you love them don’t feed them human food, they have food just for animals and it is the best for them!
4 Don’t kiss them all over, they use their mouths to clean themselves up.
5 If I have to stay over at your house I will not sleep with your dog! And don’t wonder about that, it has happened to me! The dog is the king of the house and it can sleep wherever it wants, even with the guest!
6 Don’t mind me if I don’t like animal hair on me. I have an issue even with my hair on my clothes!
7 Show the same love and #affection to humans as you give to your animal! Love children and humans the same way!
9 Respect that some friends might not like animals, don’t make a choice and reject the friend! You need both in your life! I have experienced all that and much more but I never blame the animal! You know who I blame! And I say, it is up to you, the owner if I will like your animal or not, and you too!

The animal will be like you are,if you are calm,it will be calm,if you are all over the place and nervous,the animal will be just like you!They are so smart and I love them and respect them ,but I have balance and keep them in their place,and that place is a good place!

My love for your animal depends on you!

Litsa with Love❤️

Summer white! Litsa B!

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Summers and white, they go so well together! Summer white, my love! Wear white!

And if the white breaths you will have a fabulous summer!

Wear summer white, in natural fibers, like Linen and Cotton and Silk, fibers that breath and you don’t sweat as much! White is so fresh for the summer, pure joy and comfort! And it looks so good with your tanned face and body!

Summer white! Litsa B!

Delicious to say the least! Love summer whites!

Light colors then, for hot summer destinations!

Avoid dark and especially black! Black as a color attracts the rays of the sun, therefore, it absorbs the heat and you don’t want that in a hot climate!

Besides white is perfect between the summer sky and the sea, why do you think they paint most of the houses of the Greek islands white because they look heavenly!

It’s mesmerizing to see the white houses hugging the mountains and laying there resting comfortably!

Always be on the lookout for the trend of the season and get it, but white is always in, so look for some items, and the summer places you visit have plenty of trendy items for you, do some of your summer shopping there! The people have to make a living and remember they only work the summer months! Get summer whites!

Enjoy your life, enjoy your vacation and come back nice and safe!

Summer white! Litsa B!

Litsa with Love!❤️??

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Shoes and Ketchup!

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Litsa B!

Litsa B!

Shoes and Ketchup you say???

Yes,  when you travel, you want VERY comfortable shoes and please remember that it’s crucial, NEVER new shoes, never, never!  These shoes look like the tires of a track, Stylish but like tires, I hope they are light, summer shoes have to breathe and not weigh a ton, when you travel to Europe, you will realize that the majority of the streets are made of cobblestone and even with the most comfortable shoes, your feet will get a beating!

They have to be light, and I mean light as a feather! They have to make me fly, and not drag me down, and paste me on some Europian sidewalk!
You need flats that will make your long walks enjoyable!
I remember once in Paris I was with running shoes and jeans, very comfortable and ready for my long day! While having coffee,
I overheard in a conversation with some locals that the Americans visiting should leave behind Ketchup and running shoes when they come to Europe!
By the way, Never assume that people don’t speak your language, My French is not perfect but I get along and that I understood! I said nothing of course because it doesn’t make any sense, but about the shoes, I have an issue!!
Shoes and Ketchup! How about that!
I was not there to see a fashion show, I was there to devour Paris and I didn’t want any interference from my shoes or anything else for that matter!
Now about the Ketchup, maybe they have a point!
Shoes and Ketchup!

Shoes and Ketchup!

You are there to experience all new tastes and flavors, and butter!! Brace yourselves, there will be plenty of butter, but its good butter and it tastes so amazing! It’s not margarine its butter, really, delicious butter! I will never forget the best Millfeull that we had in a famous restaurant, it is located at 99 Avenue des Champs-Élysées and is part of Hotel Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris, unbelievable taste !! You could feel the quality in every bite!
Paris was wonderful no question! I have done Paris a couple of times and always with the most comfortable shoes and never brand new, they have to be broken into! They have to be friendly!
Why I feel so strongly about the shoes because it happened to me with new shoes and I had to go get flip flops to make it through the day!
Smart casual is my preferred way of dressing when I travel, and please take many pictures, these happenings don’t happen very often!
I had a wonderful time and I thank my shoes!! Not fanny at all!
Shoes and ketchup, NO, just shoes!
Litsa, with Love!