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Greek food needs the local tomatoes!


Greek food at its best when you create with Litsa! Life during the pandemic offers its pleasures only fitfully! Few and in between! We do our best and think positive because our lives are at stake, we can’t take things lightly! We have to be vigilant with all we have […]

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Covid-19 and you!


Nothing makes sense anymore, except for my cooking and baking! My music and my dancing!LOL! How about that! Overthinking is out of the question at this stage! There is so much confusion, so many lies, and half-truths, its better to listen to your favorite music and cook-cook away your favorite […]

Feed our children well!Litsa Bolontzakis
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Smart or dumb!LitsaB


Listening and the art of listening is the greatest lesson you can learn! My humble advice! Do you want to learn from an expert, listen and play dumb, but listen carefully!  Playing dumb allows you to ask questions, and that is how you learn! You will learn so much, and […]