What to know when you host a dinner party!

 When you host a dinner party!

When you host a dinner party, it’s good to know your guests.

By that I mean, it is great to pay attention to them, and their likes.

But of course, how can you know what they prefer to eat, or if they have any allergies, if you invite them over for the first time.?

Maybe you can ask them if they have any allergies, nothing wrong with that.

But if they are your friends and you are hosting dinner together often, you should know what they like to eat.

And because when you invite people over, you want to cook for them and not for you, you have an idea of what to make.

I have a friend, who loves seafood, She is the only one in the family that loves seafood, the rest don’t even like the smell in the house. Hence she never makes it!

I take the opportunity to make something special for her, every time she comes over for dinner. It helps that I love her, and I will go the yard for her! Hosting a dinner for her is my pleasure!

When you know what your guests like, it is so much easier for you!

This way, you are in the know, and you don’t have to offer a choice, except if your crowd has different likes. Then you make two mains and sides that go well with both, your salads and you are ready.

Always two desserts, some people don’t like chocolate, I have family members that prefer anything else but chocolate!

Something I always remember is, never to depend on others for the dessert you are going to serve!

Even if they bring dessert, maybe it is not what you have in mind for the finale of your meal.

Imagine there are people that don’t like chocolate!

Just a few details if you are starting out in the hosting dinner game!


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