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Litsa Bolontzakis
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Greek food needs the local tomatoes!


Greek food at its best when you create with Litsa! Life during the pandemic offers its pleasures only fitfully! Few and in between! We do our best and think positive because our lives are at stake, we can’t take things lightly! We have to be vigilant with all we have […]

Greek meatballs Giouvarlakia
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Greek Meatball soup (youvarlakia)


What are Youvarlakia, and how do you make them? Youvarlakia is A traditional Greek soup with meatballs, and lemony Avgolemono, a soup full of goodness! The Avgolemono makes this soup so different! Youvarlakia! A great soup as a main or a starter, a soup loved by my guests! Here is […]

Giagandes by Litsa Bolontzakis

Gigantes,Lima beans the Litsa way!


Gigantes, the word means Giants in Greek, and Lima beans are, a big giant like bean! We love them, and we enjoy them when we entertain with Meze or a main meal! Very healthy, little bullets of protein! Hearty and easy to make, just be prepared and have them available! […]