People-Watching: The Favorite Hobby of the Greek People Litsa!

People-Watching: The Favorite Hobby of the Greek People, Litsa!



People young and old, in all shapes and sizes, I got my fix of people-watching this summer! People-Watching: The Favorite Hobby of the Greek People!
My eyes are happy and smiling with joy, and my spirit is content. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, well done!

Beautiful people.

The Greek fashionista is something to see. Elegant and up to date, wearing the colors of summer, she looks amazing, in spite of the extreme heat. She is used to it — nothing fazes her. From head to toe, she’s just beautiful. She carries herself with so much elegance, all the details are so well-coordinated, we can learn so much from her.

What a pleasure, and what a feast for the eyes!

I love the fact that she doesn’t have very much — just enough — but it’s the latest style. The perfect pair of pants and the skirt is the appropriate length, and don’t forget the fit — it’s perfect!

Because of that, she gets to enjoy what she has, and next summer she will follow the new trends and styles and start over again with a fresh look for the summer. I always wonder, with summers that long, do they ever get tired of their summer clothes and shoes? I would, for sure . . .

Going shopping in a small city is different and fun. The stores there don’t carry thousands of items like the stores back home, where you look for hours to find something that you like and that actually fits well. They have way fewer products because they cater to fewer people, but each and every piece is something you want to bring home.

Oh, and there is something about a young Greek man, with his golden tan, on his bike, he is gorgeous, riding around on his bike, aware of the effect he has on the young ladies! WOW!

I like a touch of magia, a word I can’t explain (I think it translates to “attitude”), and I actually hate it when it’s overdone, but, in the right amount, it’s delicious, and it sets the Greek man apart from the rest.

Streets in my lovely city have become a walker’s paradise. No cars are allowed downtown, so the sidewalks where the cars used to be parked are reclaimed by the people again. It’s so nice to walk around and see friends having their coffee or their beverages. The coffee shops are lined up, one next to the other, and everyone wants to be there. It’s like a beehive, the place to be, to see and be seen, where the action is, where the young people come on a daily basis to spend time with their friends and to talk about everything and nothing . . . Where friendships grow and blossom, or not, perhaps, where summer romances happen, where life has some meaning, where you can be somebody before you go home and close your door and be yourself again, hopefully, that’s a good thing!
People-watching is so much fun!

What about you? Do you like to people-watch?

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