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Eggplant Delight-Litsa!
Meze Recipes

Eggplant delight-Litsa!


Eggplant Delight Have I told you how much I like eggplants? I am always looking for ways to cook eggplants!And this is my eggplant delight! And when I can’t find a recipe I like, I create my own, and here is a recipe I came up with. I served the eggplant delight […]

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Greek rice pudding (Rizogalo) Litsa!


What is Rizogalo, and how to make it? Here is a Greek favorite ….Rizogalo…. Greek rice pudding! The word Rizogalo comes from the words of rice and milk. We have so many recipes and so many ways to make the very simple but delicious Rizogalo. By now you must know […]

Meze Recipes

Chicken wings with sesame Litsa!


A very special Meze or finger food is always chicken wings, chicken wings with sesame is a delicious recipe! Chicken wings are easy to make and always welcome! So many ways to prepare them and all very delicious. Hot and spicy, even sweet they are perfect finger food! The perfect friend […]

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Eggplants with onions and peppers!


  Greek food at its best! With a little Feta cheese, it becomes out of this world! Do you like eggplants! Here is my recipe and you will love it! Eggplants with onions and peppers, if you like eggplants you will love this recipe! Not too many people like eggplant, I, […]