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Little Treasures!

Karithata or Walnut sweets were my finds in my last visit to Greece.

It never fails to amaze me that every corner of this beloved country has something different to offer.

Every place I visit I am a little flavor detective always asking what the specialty of the place is.

And I always come away with something new and delicious.

walnut macaruns

Karithata Litsa!

Pasteli with almonds and sesame Litsa!

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Using Honey and nuts to create the perfect candy we call Pasteli.This is a timeless recipe and there aren’t any guilty feelings when we offer this candy to our children.Using all natural elements we never go wrong…Healthy, crunchy, delicious!

Miniature Koulourakia-Litsa!

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Miniature Koulourakia-Litsa!

Miniature Koulourakia are amazing with coffee or tea!

Easy to make and they are loved by young and old, great dippers! They keep well for a long time if they survive the hunt! Nice to have them available!

The recipe is quite big, don’t let it intimidate you it is done on purpose, they never last, they are very popular, they are so good that they disappear very fast! Remember if you want to have some for you, you have to put your name on them or hide them in a safe place!!LOL

Profiteroles by Litsa

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Profiteroles filled with Chantilly cream and covered with chocolate syrup!

The perfect dessert after a heavy meal.Easy to make and always better that the ones we get at the store, yes indeed.Light and fresh….Profiteroles!

profiteroles by Litsa!

profiteroles by Litsa!

The chocolate syrup made from scratch is nice and thick, so good…

Don’t be afraid to try something new! 

You can even use ice cream as a filling and they are delicious!

Perfect anytime as a matter of fact!