Almond and Sesame Pita

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Almond and sesame pita! Nothing compares to Phyllo desserts!

Is working with Phyllo a challenge for you?

If you know the little secrets it’s a breeze…..

Almond cake-Litsa!

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Almonds are my favorite nuts, and I always look for ways to use them and here is my go-to recipe, Almond cake, fresh and light especially after a heavy meal, just perfect!

 They are the perfect candy, almonds are, especially if I mix them with other goodies like raisins and make a trail mix, the perfect snack for children, healthy and so affordable, one of those guilty free treats…

Here is my best recipe for almond cake, easy and fast, no complications, none.

A recipe that I cherish, because it always comes to my rescue and it makes me look and feel good!


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Individual trifles with caramelized apples

When you want a delicious dessert and you don’t have too much time on your hands, here is the solution!

Caramelized apples and cream are divine anytime!

Go ahead make it and you will be happy you did incredible taste!