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Kastelorizo or Kazi according to the locals…

Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in Miscellaneous

Kastelorizo or Kazi according to the locals…

Such a beautiful little island, like a painting, like a postcard,

a place to hide 11885310_10155947521450553_3332903211860194472_n (1)and meditate, get inspired and

create, use your passion and your gift to give pleasure..Something great artists from all over the world know and take advantage of!

The passion of the people is evident in the colors they use, it’s like they have a meeting and they all decide together which color to use, they all want a perfect painting, no arguments here..The world is watching.

Entering my bucket list.

A job well done, thank you so much people of Kastelorizo ,your passion and your gift gives us great pleasure!

Litsa with Love!

One pot lemon pasta!

Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in Main Dishes

One pot lemon pasta!

This is a recipe for 2IMG_4027

We have being doing one pot pasta for a long time, we meaning Greek people…

I remember that is how my father liked his Pasta. He was always hungry as all men are and that was so fast and delicious.

Now it is so much in demand and I decided to have my own take on the one pot Pasta.

With shrimp, and cooked clams, with a lemony taste that I love!

It takes no time at all and it is perfect for the very busy mom or dad!

Also if you are a student in a dorm this recipe is so perfect for you, and on the reasonable side.


Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in Deserts


Excerpt from the book “Take the Taste of Greece with you”By Litsa Bolontzakis

A timeless beauty, Baklava a recipe with a rich past that only gets better with time…One of my favorite desserts can be enjoyed in many different ways, with chocolate, or different nuts like pistachios, with ice-cream or not… 

Easy to make and it can last with no refrigeration for a few days.take_the_taste_of_greece_with_you_2

I mean how can you go wrong with Phyllo, nuts and honey…Its a marriage made in heaven, and that is why it has staying power…

Ok I agree that Phyllo is very capricious, but you take the control and you be the boss, make sure you have all your ingredients ready and waiting, and work fast because Phyllo likes to dry up and when that happens it crumbles and you can’t work with it…

Have fun making Baklava, its everyone’s favorite dessert…

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The glorious taste of Greece is a gift to all who love healthy eating. Cooking with the herbs, spices, and olive oil of the Mediterranean is like inviting the sun in our lives every day. So go ahead have a sunny day!!!!!

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