Autumn, a season to enjoy, and at the same time, take a little rest with the intent to get ready for the hard winter months ahead!
Autumn, How do you see it!

Autumn decorating!
Autumn, How do you see it?
The colors of Autumn are so warm, and that orange before the foliage of the trees falls is fantastic!
Autumn decorating!
Everything is designed with precision and always with beauty in mind! Not only functional but also, beautiful! The trees need a rest, creation needs a time-out, and the animals need hibernation! Autumn, is preparing creation for a needed rest!
The apple trees in my part of the world always give in abundance! So many kinds of apples, and my favorite is Lobo! I love them and use them in my apple pies, salads, and in my soups if I want a little sweetness in my velouté soups!
Adding the apple enriches the flavor and taste! If you haven’t tried this before, you will love it if you do!
Decorating the house in the Autumn, is such a pleasure, because of the many colors of chrysanthemums available!
Autumn, How do you see it?
Decorating the house with the elements’ of Autumn takes you out of the ordinary, and it gives a little spice to an otherwise boring existence! There are so many things we can do to bring joy and a happy feeling to us and the people we love!
It takes a little effort, but when it’s done, A feeling of euphoria is evident!
Of course, the transition to winter comes naturally, and it gives us the opportunity to look and see what we need to keep toasty warm! To have the kids ready to enjoy the outdoors! Therefore, take advantage of the spectacular Autumn season to get ready, for the fight with the snow and the reality of the Canadian winter! See Autumn as it really is, a spectacular, Season! With sugar and spice and everything nice=Apple pie!
Apple pie! Autumn! And apple pie! Have a good, safe winter!

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