Memories of the best pasta dish!

Memories of the best pasta dish!
I remember with great pleasure my summers in my husband’s village! I am a city girl, but that village life was amazing, and so were my memories of the best pasta dish!

Memories of the best pasta dish!
Memories of the best pasta dish!
Why, because in the summer the villages in Greece blossom!
All the children with their families come, and it’s a constant celebration!
Food was fresh and there were no worries, none, about eating and dissecting every bite that you were eating! Everything was delicious! That is where I had the best spaghetti ever!
I was eating and could not figure where this amazing flavor was coming from! First I thought it was the fresh butter they were using, homemade and totally pure!
But NO!
I could not rest until I find the why and the how! It was a combination of ingredients!
OH, my Sweet memories of the best pasta dish! Finally, I had to stay home and spy on my mother-in-law! She always made chicken, You know those free-range ones, The little crazy ones, with all the flavor!
They were running around so much, no fat in them, not at all!
She boiled the chicken in water with a big onion and some garlic! When it was done she would remove the chicken, the onion, and garlic, season it very well and serve it like that!
Here is the secret, she would make her pasta dish in the chicken broth! Along with the homemade fresh butter and homemade cheese, it was the best pasta ever for me!
I have tried to duplicate the magic but never succeeded, because, It was not just one thing, the broth… It was the summer, the beach, coming home hungry, the amazing pureness of all the ingredients, and that youthful feeling… The one that makes you feel every emotion, every bite, every moment! The one that makes you feel you are alive, and gives you a gentle push, and tells you, go and enjoy every bite of life!
Memories of the best pasta dish!

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