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Greek lobster pasta-Astakomakaronada-Litsa!

Written by litsa. Posted in Main Dishes, Recipes

Seafood and pasta and voila, Greek Lobster pasta or Astakomakaronada as we call our delicious recipe!

When you go to a good traditional Greek restaurant and you order this amazing dish, the presentation is a feast for the eyes!

Of course, you can make it at home because it’s easy to do, especially if you follow my recipe!

You can substitute the lobster for a good size shrimp and add scallops and the seafood of your liking! 

Here is my recipe for Astakomakaronada!Simply the best!

If you never had it, please go a little out of your comfort zone and make it, you will be so happy you did!


Greek Lobster pasta Astakomakaronada by Litsa!

Greek Lobster pasta Astakomakaronada by Litsa!