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Fava-the Greek secret-Litsa


Fava, a winter recipe that is loved by the Greek people! Fava beans are very delicious, and when you make them the traditional Greek way, they are very nutritious and filling, perfect as a meal, or a dip, to be enjoyed with olive oil and good bread! However Fava beans […]

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Spetsofai! Sausage-colorful peppers!Litsa


Spetsofai is a delicious Meze from Pillion, a mountainous region of Greece. It’s very confusing, Spetses is an island and this recipe is named after the island of Spetses, but the origin of the recipe is from the mountains of Pillion. Figure it out In any case, I love this recipe […]

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Aren’t picnics romantic?


I like picnics very much and think they’re very romantic, especially if you can enjoy your picnic by the water. They’re a wonderful way to spend a beautiful summer’s day with the one you love! With a little preparation ahead of time, you can pull together a nice, romantic picnic […]


Stuffed Calamari LitsaB!


Stuffed Calamari (excerpt from the book Take the taste of Greece with you) Calamari or Squid is a favorite among the Greek people. We have so many ways to make calamari, like risotto, with pasta, grilled, with spinach and fine herbs, and the best way we all know is fried […]