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Halva with Semolina!-Litsa!


Halva with Semolina is a dessert that is loved by the Greek people! It’s one of these recipes that you have to have available when your sweet tooth strikes and you have to have something to calm it down! Not too many ingredients and you can play with the flavors […]

Brussels sprouts By Litsa!
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Brussels Sprouts- how to love them! Litsa!


Brussels sprouts and the love-hate relationship. Not too many people like them never mind love them. They take such a bad rap, and they are so healthy, packed with so much flavor and taste. Many people get them because they are so cute clustered together like a giant grape and […]

Litsa Bolontzakis
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My 10 Best Greek Recipes LitsaB!


I love Greek food, and I think many people love the taste of Greece. Here are my 10 best Greek recipes and you will love them! I mean, what is there not to love? The fresh ingredients – fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of their ripeness, fish caught […]

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Stifado Litsa!


WHAT IS stifado, and how do you make it? Lisa’s Stifado. Nothing compares to a Greek Stifado. Stifado a very traditional Greek recipe and I love it. It took my mother forever to do, she liked to spend time cooking her favorite recipes, for instance in this recipe she would […]