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My 10 Best Greek Recipes LitsaB!


I love Greek food, and I think many people love the taste of Greece. Here are my 10 best Greek recipes and you will love them!

I mean, what is there not to love? The fresh ingredients – fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of their ripeness, fish caught in sparkling blue waters before they’re cooked to perfection, the enormous variety of cheeses – so delicious, so tasty – the fragrant olive oil . . .

Do you want me to go on because I certainly can!

10 best Greek recipes
My 10 best Greek recipes

The passion of the people of any land is what makes things look, taste, and smell better, and the Greek people are without question very passionate about whatever they do.

A few years ago, on a private cruise through the Greek islands, one of our stops was on the small island of Sifnos, a beautiful little gem in the Mediterranean, perfect for swimming off the yacht, and its seafood was incredible!

We went for a walk in the small village, where, under our feet, there were beautiful works of art etched on the pavement. Every door had a beautiful flower painted on it, indicating what the lady of the house was like. It was a great walk because I could not wait to see the next flower on the next door, all the while playing games in my head, questioning and imagining what the lady of the house looked like.

If at some point, I actually saw or met the artist, I could make the association between the lady and the flower!

In all my travels – and I have traveled! – I have never seen anything like that. The passion of these women made for a very pleasant memory for me, one that I will cherish forever!

As far as food is concerned, the same rule applies: start with passion and, if you add love, you have a great combination – along with the perfect spices – to create delicious food, or whatever your gift is! I encourage you to have a passion for everything you do. Follow your heart, and you will be one in a million . . .

Here are my 10 fabulous Greek recipes, made by an original, Greek, passionate lady who doesn’t fool around but uses only the best ingredients available.

My 10 best Greek recipes
My 10 best Greek recipes

Remember: please, no substitutions of any kind for the best authentic results.

1         Moussaka

2         Pastitsio

3         Lamb on the spit

4         Roasted lamb with potatoes
5         Souvlaki
6         Roasted chicken with potatoes

7         Youvetsi with veal and Orzo
8         Greek  tomato salad – horiatiki

9         Fasolatha

10      Spanakopita Or spinach rolls

So there they are, my 10 best Greek recipes! And these are just the tip of the iceberg . . .

You will find all the recipes in my book ”

10 best Greek recipes
My 10 best Greek recipes

Take the taste of Greece with you” an award winner…

Litsa with Love!

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