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Greek Watermelon salad! Litsa!

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  Greek Watermelon Salad! Summer and watermelon, the perfect fruit for the sweltering days of summer! Greek watermelon salad with some Feta cheese is delicious! Fresh and juicy, a salad, unlike any other salads! It does wonders for hydrating our system when we need it the most! A slice of […]

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The Greek Pantry-Litsa!


Visit my Greek Pantry! Cooking any food requires some preparation to be successful and to have fun. Here are the fundamentals of Greek cooking. The Mediterranean way of cooking is a delightful way to enjoy the products of this blessed region. They are products readily available in every supermarket. The […]

Cubanelle peppers -Litsa!
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Cubanelle peppers Meze-Litsa!


  Cubanelle peppers a great Meze in Greek cooking! They are a sweet variety of peppers! Light yellowish-green in color. They will turn bright red if allowed to ripen! Thinner flesh peppers are longer and they have a slightly more wrinkled appearance. This is a very simple way to cook the […]