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Chickpeas,Spinach and Cod!
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Chickpeas-Spinach and Cod!


What are Chickpeas-Spinach and Cod! A marvelous recipe that I came up with, and you are going to adopt it in your quest for healthy meals! Many say, that I cook with whole grains, way too much, and that is true! There is a good reason that I love to include whole grains in […]

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Greek roasted vegetables (Tourlou-Tourlou)


What is Tourlou-Tourlou? (Tourlou-Tourlou) is a  medley of Greek roasted vegetables with herbs and spices, that say, the good times are here, and you have to adopt this recipe especially if you are a vegetarian! Here is (Tourlou-Tourlou)a summer recipe that is so easy and at the same time so […]

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10 Things I Love about Greece Litsa!


10 Things I Love about Greece and the Greek Islands I love traveling and have done quite a bit of it…I love Greece the Greek islands, and here are my 10 reasons why! Our last adventure was in the Hawaiian Islands, where we took a cruise. We loved it! We […]

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Chocolate – nutella cupcakes Litsa!

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These Chocolate and Nutella cupcakes are so delicious that I encourage you to double the recipe right from the start and with no hesitation…..You will love them and you will adopt them as your favorite cupcake recipe….. Girls like frills, pearls, and chocolate and if you add Nutella there is no […]