Greek Watermelon salad!Litsa!

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Greek Watermelon Salad

Summer and watermelon, the perfect fruit for the very hot days of summer!Greek watermelon salad with some Feta cheese is delicious!Fresh and juicy, a salad, unlike any other salads!

It does wonders for hydrating our system when you need it most!

A slice of sweet watermelon is a favorite snack, add some nice Greek feta and you have an amazing salad!

This is a  fresh salad that combines the sweet and salty taste.

Watermelon for hydration and the salty Feta for keeping some of the moisture in our system On a hot summer day!

How smart is that! Very!

Growing up Greek, Watermelon, and Feta was a very normal snack in the summer! Something that we as kids loved so much, eating the slice of watermelon and getting it all over our face was typical!

Here is the famous Greek snack with a twist!


Recipe for 2

Grilled vegetable salad

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Grilled vegetable salad 

Here is why i love vegetables,they are there to make you happy and keep you nice and healthy.

Growing up i never liked vegetables and one reason was that Greek people kill their vegetables by overcooking them!

My father for instance liked his zucchini steamed with olive oil and lemon dressing.I hated zucchini this way,Please…..

But as you grow up and you realize that all the vegetables have something your body needs,you start to find ways to cook them so that you can fall in love with them.

Grilled vegetables are so delicious and not overcooked….Try this salad and i am certain you will learn to love your vegetables too…

Greek orzo salad Litsa!

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Greek orzo salad (Manestra in Greek)

This salad is a meal on its own and very healthy with all the nice vegetables.

It is actually a fun salad to make and you can modify it according to your available ingredients.

Children love to work with colorful vegetables, and this salad has many, let them help you in putting it together.It’s priceless to see their happy faces when they accomplish something.