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Mint Mohito?Litsa!

Ah, the temperamental Mint, It grows wild and out of control, it ignores you and it is stubborn, it takes over quietly and with mint, it's very hard to win, unless you have some of the same qualities and you are persistent and you say, these are your boundaries my [...]
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Rosemary-Gifted plant! Litsa!

I was thinking today about Rosemary and how much I love it in my cooking! Rosemary means "dew of the sea" and it is a perennial plant growing wild in the hills ROSEMARY-Litsa! of the Mediterranian countries, the shrubs grow very big and they are quite beautiful! I mean Lamb will [...]

Halva with Semolina!-Litsa!

Halva with Semolina is a dessert that is loved by the Greek people! It's one of these recipes that you have to have available when your sweet tooth strikes and you Halva with Semolina-Litsa! have to have something to calm it down! Not too many ingredients and you can play [...]
Sweet potato recipe!Something delicious and healthy!
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Sweet potatoes ala Greek! Litsa!

Sweet potatoes ala Greek, a delicious way to stuff potatoes with all the Greek elements, like Feta cheese, Greek yogurt, dill and to create something so delicious! Sweet potatoes are a gift from God with all the nutrients, they are little bullets of happiness, health, and so much more! Please try to [...]
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Fava-the Greek secret-Litsa

Fava, a winter recipe that is loved by the Greek people! Fava beans are very delicious, and when you make them the traditional Greek way, they are very nutritious and filling, perfect as a meal, or a dip, to be enjoyed with olive oil and good bread! However Fava beans [...]