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Eating Healthy- Going The Extra Mile- Litsa!

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Eating Healthy- Going The Extra Mile

Litsa Bolontzakis Eating healthy-going the extra mile!

Litsa Bolontzakis Eating healthy-going the extra mile!

Have you ever thought about eating right?Eating healthy, going the extra mile! Getting all your greens and vegetables into your diet rather than snacking on the ever-available big Mac? I think that it’s not easy putting in all the work to prepare a healthy, fresh meal. I have snacked on junk food so often without giving the matter much thought! When you come to think of it, it is a whole separate task to decide what to cook every day- not to mention grocery shopping and the time and hassle that takes. It is simply not everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone finds it satisfying enough.

I keep thinking how junk food is readily available no matter where you live in the city, so then why would anyone be motivated to cook healthy and stock up on fresh ingredients? The hold that takeout places and fast food have on us is intoxicating, to say the least, because they are always there for you when you feel famished and they take little effort and much less money than buying all the things you would need for lunch or dinner. It is like they know our minds and how to sway them!

Even though itis not always possible to eat right; try to make a goal of squeezing in one nutrient-rich meal each day. At least this way you will be on track. Our problem is that we want to be in good shape with minimal elbow grease but that’s not always possible is it? Our bodies are worth the extra mile so don’t take shortcuts! If you want to have a longer, happier and healthier life, you need to redesign your priorities and improve your standard of eating. Your future self will thank you for it!

No one wants a time to come in their lives in which they are constantly rushing to the doctor and having all kind of ailments. Apart from avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, it is wise to evolve when it comes to deciding what to put in your body! I have in my experience heard people telling me how they don’t eat or enjoy potentially delicious vegetables like spinach, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens- not to mention their attitude towards Omega 3 oils rich fish, legumes, and probiotic-rich yogurt. I mean can you imagine the wonders these can do for your energy level and health? A tasteful salad can easily include all of these in one meal!

Eating healthy going the extra mile! Not hard at all!

Every now and then treat yourself to a dessert or something fried, there is no harm in it but be wary of making it your whole life. Train yourself to enjoy the things that are good for your body and also taste brilliant. Trust me there are all kinds of recipes out there that will make you forget you ever wanted French fries. So go ahead and start taking care of you by eating more wholesome food! You won’t regret it!

Eating Healthy- Going The Extra Mile, it can be done!

Litsa! With Love!


Eating healthy going the extra mile! Litsa Bolontzakis!

Take the Taste of Greece with you! Litsa Bolontzakis!


Osso Buco-Litsa!

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Osso Buco

A classic delicious recipe,
Osso Buco, is a recipe from Milan,  that very famous busy city in Italy.

I love Osso Buco which by the way, means bone with a hole, in Italian.

Here is my recipe for Osso Buco, with mushrooms onion and red peppers…

The classic recipe is with diced onions, celery, and carrots!

Playing around and creating your own recipes should be the objective of any good cook…You just have to know what you like and what goes well together…

Experiment and have fun, it always turns out well anyway, very rare is the food not eatable, and do you know when we learn? When we make mistakes, therefore, embrace your mistakes, love them and learn from them, be happy and tomorrow is another day…

I like to think of Osso Buco as a winter recipe, it needs time to cook and the warmth of the stove is very welcome on a very cold day…It can be cooked on the stovetop or in the oven, whatever makes you happy, in the oven, you forget about it, but you have to be on top of things when you make it on the stove top…

Hearty Greek Lentil Soup Litsa!

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Hearty Greek Lentil Soup Litsa!

Hearty Lentil soup is a favorite winter soup for the Greek people!

The Greek way is plain with no vegetables, we make them in tomato sauce with garlic, bay leaf salt, and pepper adding a little vinegar at the end with the olive oil! 

They are delicious this way no question about that!

My recipe takes into consideration the children and how we can make this very nutritious legume inviting to our young ones. This recipe is delicious and children friendly. This is a budget-friendly soup and so easy to make.

Lentils are very nutritious and with the many vegetables and olive oil, the soup becomes a super healthy food.

You can enjoy this soup hot or cold, make a big batch and have it available.

PS You can replace half of the water with vegetable stock and omit the chicken base for a healthy vegan meal!

Grilled vegetable salad

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Grilled vegetable salad 

Here is why i love vegetables,they are there to make you happy and keep you nice and healthy.

Growing up i never liked vegetables and one reason was that Greek people kill their vegetables by overcooking them!

My father for instance liked his zucchini steamed with olive oil and lemon dressing.I hated zucchini this way,Please…..

But as you grow up and you realize that all the vegetables have something your body needs,you start to find ways to cook them so that you can fall in love with them.

Grilled vegetables are so delicious and not overcooked….Try this salad and i am certain you will learn to love your vegetables too…


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