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Summer white! Litsa B!

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Summers and white, they go so well together! Summer white, my love! Wear white!

And if the white breaths you will have a fabulous summer!

Wear summer white, in natural fibers, like Linen and Cotton and Silk, fibers that breath and you don’t sweat as much! White is so fresh for the summer, pure joy and comfort! And it looks so good with your tanned face and body!

Summer white! Litsa B!

Delicious to say the least! Love summer whites!

Light colors then, for hot summer destinations!

Avoid dark and especially black! Black as a color attracts the rays of the sun, therefore, it absorbs the heat and you don’t want that in a hot climate!

Besides white is perfect between the summer sky and the sea, why do you think they paint most of the houses of the Greek islands white because they look heavenly!

It’s mesmerizing to see the white houses hugging the mountains and laying there resting comfortably!

Always be on the lookout for the trend of the season and get it, but white is always in, so look for some items, and the summer places you visit have plenty of trendy items for you, do some of your summer shopping there! The people have to make a living and remember they only work the summer months! Get summer whites!

Enjoy your life, enjoy your vacation and come back nice and safe!

Summer white! Litsa B!

Litsa with Love!❤️??

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Fashionistas paradise! Litsa!

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#Traveling to the islands? If yes and you are traveling to the Greek islands, beware you are entering a Fashionistas paradise!

You have to be prepared and have the summer essentials!

Summer essentials…

The sarong the short one! The Greek islands are a #fashionistas #paradise, Please remember, you have to look appropriate so you feel good! You don’t want to feel out of place, you want to enjoy your vacation to the islands to the best of your ability!

This cute little thing can also double as a little skirt, practical when you go for lunch…$190.00, but you can shop around, I am sure you can find them more reasonable!

You have to have the #summerlook!

The short one is great especially if your legs are endless, they have a beautiful tan and you are confident with your body!

Fashionistas paradise!

If not, you have to have a long one and they are very sexy too! They come in many colors and the way you wear them makes all the difference!

Go for a color that compliments your tan, like, Turquoise White, Orange and of course what looks good on you!

A white dress or top, a must when you have a delicious tan and the white against your skin looks fabulous, make sure you take many pictures!

A hat is also a must, make sure it is fashionable and coordinated with everything else, like the bathing suit, sandals and so on…

Sunglasses, and please have an extra pair just in case you lose them, the sun is too bright, they are imperative!

Make sure things are well coordinated and the end result looks delicious together, like the summer sandals the hat and straw purse to carry all the little things you need to have with you!

Try all your essentials before you start packing and make the adjustments, you don’t want to have any surprises!

Please remember…

Forget conservative, make an entrance, be memorable, be a feast for the eyes!

Ah, summer fun!

 #Litsa with Love!

Fashionistas paradise!

Fashionistas Paradise LitsaB

Summer the magic blanket! Litsa!

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Summer the Magic Blanket by Litsa Bolontzakis

Summer the Magic Blanket! A children’s book by Litsa Bolontzakis!

Kαι όταν κοιτώ τα μάτια σου,την θαλασσα αγναντευω,

με ταξιδευεις μάτια μου σε μέρη που λατρευω!


Get the book here!


Summer: the time for Pesto- Litsa!

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Pesto, Pasta, and Summer – What an Amazing Trio!

Basil is an aromatic herb with so many uses, and it’s in full bloom now,


Summer: the time for Pesto-Litsa!

its aroma is calling out loud and clear: touch me, squeeze me, and get a whiff of how nice I smell!

 The growing pots are bursting with basil’s rich green foliage, and they beautiful to look at!


In Greece, basil has an intense aroma and flavor because there’s no rain for months and months, just sunshine day after day, so nothing washes the flavor and aroma away.

Everything has a wonderful smell – the roses, the jasmine, and the evening primrose that only releases its aroma in the evening hours – and gives you so much pleasure.


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