Summer white! Litsa B!
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Summer white! Litsa B!


Summer and white, they go so well together!

And if the white garment breaths, you will have a fabulous summer!

Wear summer white, in natural fibers, like Linen and Cotton and Silk, fibers that breath and you don’t sweat as much! White is so fresh for the summer, pure joy, and comfort! And it looks so good with your tanned face and body!

Summer white! Litsa B!
Summer white! Litsa B!

Delicious to say the least!

Why wearing light colors in the summer, is smart!

So Light colors then, for hot summer destinations!

Avoid dark and especially black! Black as a color attracts the rays of the sun, therefore, it absorbs the heat and you don’t want that in a hot climate!

Besides white is perfect between the summer sky and the sea, why do you think they paint most of the houses of the Greek islands white because they look heavenly!

It’s mesmerizing to see the white houses hugging the mountains and laying there resting comfortably!

Always be on the lookout for the trend of the season and get it, but white is always in, so look for some items, and the summer places you visit have plenty of trendy items for you, do some of your summer shopping there! The people have to make a living and remember they only work in the summer months! Help the local economy!

The same idea applies when you travel to winter destinations, they have such a grand variety of winter clothing that you have to get what you need there! It is easier to find what you are looking for!

Summer and white, the perfect combination! Imagine the perfect tan on your skin and wearing white’s!

Delicious to say the least!

You just need the perfect lipstick and you are ready for perfect pictures!

Enjoy your life, enjoy your vacation, and come back nice and safe!

Summer white! Litsa B!
Summer white! Litsa B!

Litsa with Love!❤️??

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