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Tuna salad a complete meal and so delicious!

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Love, love salads. And a Tuna salad is a complete meal.

Salads are fresh, seasonal, and so healthy.

They allow you to be creative and have fun with the different colors textures and tastes. No too many rules when it comes to salads, just mix what you like and enjoy.The word SALATA in Greek means exactly that, you are all mixed up, just like a salad!LOL

Salads are excellent as a side dish or a main meal.

If you like add some other protein, like Chicken, and they are so perfect!

If you are a vegetarian, omit the protein and add a baked potato.Wow…

Orzo Summer salad (Manestra Stolismenh)

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Orzo or Manestra as we call it in Greek is my favorite comfort food.

I like it the traditional way, but it’s a lot of fun to experiment and come up with a new recipe.

I like to play with the different ingredients and this time, this salad is awesome. Summer is upon us and salads are a must for me. I like to have them ready and available when hunger strikes. Pasta is easy to prepare and when you add some fresh vegetables it becomes like my mother said when I was preparing it “Manestra stolismenh”.I thought it was so cute and I adopted the name. What a pleasure to be trying out recipes and have my dear mother keeping me company and always having something sweet to say…..

Have fun with this Orzo salad. Make some extra and look around and really see…….Maybe a dear friend is sick, an older person can’t cook, be generous and share…..It is better to give than to receive Jesus said and there is so much wisdom in his words!

Greek Watermelon salad!Litsa!

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Greek Watermelon Salad

Summer and watermelon, the perfect fruit for the very hot days of summer!Greek watermelon salad with some Feta cheese is delicious!Fresh and juicy, a salad, unlike any other salads!

It does wonders for hydrating our system when you need it most!

A slice of sweet watermelon is a favorite snack, add some nice Greek feta and you have an amazing salad!

This is a  fresh salad that combines the sweet and salty taste.

Watermelon for hydration and the salty Feta for keeping some of the moisture in our system On a hot summer day!

How smart is that! Very!

Growing up Greek, Watermelon, and Feta was a very normal snack in the summer! Something that we as kids loved so much, eating the slice of watermelon and getting it all over our face was typical!

Here is the famous Greek snack with a twist!


Recipe for 2

Cubanelle peppers Meze-Litsa!

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Cubanelle peppers -Litsa!

Cubanelle peppers a great Meze in Greek cooking!

They are a sweet variety of peppers!

Light yellowish-green in color.

Cubanelle peppers -Litsa!

Cubanelle peppers Litsa!

They will turn bright red if allowed to ripen!

Thinner flesh peppers are longer and they have a slightly more wrinkled appearance.

This is a very simple way to cook the Cubanelle peppers, but a very nice addition to a meal.


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