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Greek rice pudding (Rizogalo) Litsa!

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Here is a Greek favorite ….Rizogalo….Greek rice pudding!


Rizogalo Greek rice pudding-Litsa1

The word Rizogalo comes from the words rice and milk.

We have so many recipes and so many different ways to make the very simple but delicious Rizogalo.

By now you must know that I favor easy recipes, and my recipe for this Greek rice pudding is just that, nice and easy!

Comfort snack for my family and one more recipe that it’s not big enough….I never make enough in my house, things have a way of disappearing unless you put your name on something that you really like, then there is hope….

I don’t like to make big recipes, I rather make it again in a few days, so it’s nice and fresh!

It’s a great comfort food, and children love puddings, and this one is very easy, also I love the fact that the ingredients are always available in my house!

And this is the secret, to make recipes with ingredients that are readily available and also ingredients that you can use many times and not just once…

Here is my recipe for Rizogalo

  • Ingredients

        1-liter milk

  • 1 cup rice (Arborio)
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups sugar
  • Vanilla and ½ tsp salt
  • Cinnamon for dusting

Place water and rice in a heavy pot and cook for a few minutes, or until water starts to evaporate.

Add milk and sugar, vanilla and salt

Stir well and cook on medium heat for about 15 minutes, stirring often.

Never leave unattended.

Milk has the tendency to overflow when it boils, make sure and lower the heat when it starts to boil

When it’s done, place your pudding in bowls and dust with cinnamon!

I like my Rizogalo when it’s nice and cold!

Greek rice in the oven

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Rice in the oven

I find when talking with young people that they have issues in cooking, especially with simple things like rice, potatoes, pasta …I wonder why, here is my recipe for Greek rice in the oven, rice for dummies I should say!

Many people cook rice in plenty of water like pasta and when they drain the rice all the starch and nutrients are gone.

Please remember that rice is not pasta, you measure the water and you cook until it is absorbed, whether you make it in the oven or stovetop the principle is the same,2 cups rice,4 cups water, and medium heat… 

Cooking rice in the oven is a very practical way, especially when you can bring it from the oven to the table.

I like to make my life easy and I am sure most of my working friends are of the same opinion. Here is my very best recipe for rice in the oven, a very nice side and a compliment to any kind of protein.