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Brownies Litsa


Here is an easy recipe for Brownies.Why I love them because they are delicious,totally uncomplicated and you can serve them with ice cream! Also, I love chocolate and these Brownies are chocolate,they don’t have chocolate ,they are chocolate! Just make sure the cocoa is of a very good quality,the one for baking […]

Deserts Recipes

Chocolate – nutella cupcakes Litsa!

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These Chocolate and Nutella cupcakes are so delicious that I encourage you to double the recipe right from the start and with no hesitation…..You will love them and you will adopt them as your favorite cupcake recipe….. Girls like frills, pearls, and chocolate and if you add Nutella there is no […]

Walnut karythopita by Litsa!
Deserts Recipes

Walnut cake (Karithopita) Litsa!


Karithopita is a traditional Greek dessert. The original version is heavy for me and I always have a problem with baking soda in my baking. I found the cake was permeated with the strong scent of the baking soda and that was not to my liking. I was looking for […]

Deserts Recipes

Profiteroles with Chantilly cream- by LitsaB!

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  Profiteroles filled with Chantilly cream and covered with chocolate syrup! The perfect dessert after a heavy meal.Easy to make and always better than the ones we get at the store, yes indeed.Light and fresh…Profiteroles! The chocolate syrup made from scratch is nice and thick, so good… Don’t be afraid […]