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Pearl Cous Cous with Greek tomato salad!

Pearl Cous Cous with tomato salad!


What is pearl Cous Cous, and how do we make, one perfect Pearl Cous Cous with tomato salad? One thing to remember is, that there is no connection with the original Cous Cous, the Moroccan one! Pearl Cous Cous or Israeli couscous is not the same as regular couscous. The […]

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Tortellini by Litsa!


  Tortellini, for the love of Pasta! And the many ways to enjoy this amazing invention! I love pasta! And I have a thankful heart, every time I make it, for the people that invented pasta, and the ones that took it and made it so special! For the longest […]

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Greek rice pudding (Rizogalo) Litsa!


What is Rizogalo, and how to make it? Here is a Greek favorite ….Rizogalo…. Greek rice pudding! The word Rizogalo comes from the words of rice and milk. We have so many recipes and so many ways to make the very simple but delicious Rizogalo. By now you must know […]