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Greek Briami-Litsa!

Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in Main Dishes, Recipes, Sides

Meatless Monday can be such a joy if we plan ahead and we are ready…Here is a fresh idea, Greek Briami…

Briami, a medley of seasonal vegetables cooked with tomatoes and olive oil, served over Orzo…Delicious…

A perfect vegetarian meal, or a side for a pork chop, chicken and any kind of protein!

Great addition to a gathering, a BBQ because it goes a long way!

Greek Briami-Litsa!

Greek Briami-Litsa!

Greek lobster pasta-Astakomakaronada-Litsa!

Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in Main Dishes, Recipes

Seafood and pasta and voila, Greek Lobster pasta or Astakomakaronada as we call our delicious recipe!

When you go to a good traditional Greek restaurant and you order this amazing dish, the presentation is a feast for the eyes!

Of course, you can make it at home because it’s easy to do, especially if you follow my recipe!

You can substitute the lobster for a good size shrimp and add scallops and the seafood of your liking! 

Here is my recipe for Astakomakaronada!Simply the best!

If you never had it, please go a little out of your comfort zone and make it, you will be so happy you did!


Greek Lobster pasta Astakomakaronada by Litsa!

Greek Lobster pasta Astakomakaronada by Litsa!

Beef Burgers with Feta

Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in Main Dishes, Recipes

My recipe for Greek burgers Delicious Greek food

Always keep in mind.good quality ingredients and no substitutions yield perfect results.

Burgers are a great fascination all over the world.The Americans though have gone a step further and make burgers and hot gods their national food .Think of all the picnics and national holidays,Amerika goes up in flames with all the burgers and hot dogs grilling…And they know how to dress them so well…

We like burgers and we make them very tasty,we use lamb also for a nice variety,the only thing to remember is that lean meat doesn’t make a good burger,the ratio is 20% fat so you can have a juicy burger.

We like to add nice spices to the meat and if you don’t want to dress them up it’s OK they taste great just like that…

Great recipe for Sliders…. 

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The glorious taste of Greece is a gift to all who love healthy eating. Cooking with the herbs, spices, and olive oil of the Mediterranean is like inviting the sun in our lives every day. So go ahead have a sunny day!!!!!

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