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Almond, the nutty fruit

Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in My thoughts

It is beautiful, more than ever, dressed up in white, accessorized in pink and filling the air with a heady fragrance! Although it looks like a bride, this delight best describes an almond tree in full bloom during early spring. It’s full of white blooms with delicate pink centers, ready to produce its delicious fruits. Almond the nutty fruit!

“Fruits?” you may ask. Isn’t almond a nut? Yes and no. Although commonly considered a nut, the almond ( Amygdalus communis ) is a fruit. It is part of the rose family, from which other stone-fruit trees derive their origin. Stone fruits include peaches, apricots, and plums. That’s why the kernels of these fruits resemble very closely an almond shell.


Almond the nutty fruit!


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