Spring: Trees in Bloom



Spring: it’s a time of rebirth and renewal when tree branches magically come to life, and a field full of blooming poppies makes the grass look like it’s on fire! Make Springtime one of your favorite seasons of the year, as you enjoy the fresh sunshine of a Greek island shaking off the Winter months in Spring: Trees in Bloom, by Litsa Bolontzakis.

Love you can feel the love and harmony in all the Seasons. They respect each other and never interfere with one another. Every tree is a little factory, producing amazing products in the right season, in a dignified manner, silently, and with so much reverence for the environment. They show so much love in not polluting in any way—no water pollution, no air pollution, no soil pollution. If that is not love and harmony, what is? The Seasons show great respect for all species with no controversy and no misunderstandings, just total harmony.


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