The Secret of The Tent


“The secret of the tent” A true story, by Litsa Bolontzakis!

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“The secret of the tent” A true story, by Litsa Bolontzakis!

The secret of the tent and my most treasured memories of the beautiful lady that lived there. My Grandmamma wore big bright long dresses with her long hair pulled up. She had beautiful carpets that covered the floor of her big tent. I would look inside and loved what I smelled and what my eyes saw.

In the middle of the tent, sat my Grandmamma; like a vision from a dream, sitting and looking like royalty. It made me feel so happy and comfortable. I had so many questions when I was visiting my father’s mom. I could not understand why my Grandmamma was living in a tent! Why she sat on the floor, and why the little table was almost touching the floor?

She called it “sofra,” (the Turkish meaning of the word is a table prepared or set for eating a meal) and my Grandmamma would make her cookies on it. All her cooking, and everything she cooked; was so delicious. Was it her magic touch, or the different spices she had brought with her from the faraway land?

What amazed me is how graceful she sat on the floor and how elegant she would sit down and get up from been so low. If you think it’s easy, just try. I could not understand why there were so many copper pots, and pans hanging from a rope? I loved looking at the shiny pots and the variety of bright colorful scattered cushions she owned. I guess they were reminders of a better life. A life that ended abruptly and with no reason. Was this all that was left, and why was her face so sad?


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