The Secret of The Tent

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“The secret of the tent” A true story, by Litsa Bolontzakis!

The secret of the tent and my most treasured memories of the beautiful lady that lived there. My Grandmamma wore big bright long dresses with her long hair pulled up. She had beautiful carpets that covered the floor of her big tent. I would look inside and loved what I smelled and what my eyes saw.

In the middle of the tent, sat my Grandmamma; like a vision from a dream, sitting and looking like royalty. It made me feel so happy and comfortable. I had so many questions when I was visiting my father’s mom. I could not understand why my Grandmamma was living in a tent! Why she sat on the floor, and why the little table was almost touching the floor?

She called it “sofra,” (the Turkish meaning of the word is a table prepared or set for eating a meal) and my Grandmamma would make her cookies on it. All her cooking, and everything she cooked; was so delicious. Was it her magic touch, or the different spices she had brought with her from the faraway land?

What amazed me is how graceful she sat on the floor and how elegant she would sit down and get up from been so low. If you think it’s easy, just try. I could not understand why there were so many copper pots, and pans hanging from a rope? I loved looking at the shiny pots and the variety of bright colorful scattered cushions she owned. I guess they were reminders of a better life. A life that ended abruptly and with no reason. Was this all that was left, and why was her face so sad?

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3 reviews for The Secret of The Tent

  1. Litsa Bolontzakis

    I read your book!
    I couldn’t stop reading it it was so good!
    I feel like I know more about you, your life and your force of character. I appreciate even more the person you are after reading your story!

    Also, as you know, Steve’s mother was Greek. Your book gave me the chance to talk with Steve about his mother Maria and her own story. I found out today that Maria’s father was also from Turkey and escaped. I understand better why Maria was so caring and protective of her family.

    Sign of synchronicity? When I went for a walk this morning, I took a picture of this beautiful flower who grab my attention… Enclosed the picture I took.

    I will never forget you Litsa!

    Kathrine Prince!

  2. Maro Gigliotti (verified owner)

    Dear Litsa,
    I really enjoyed your inspirational bk of courage and strength of character.. they say curiosity killed the cat but in your case curiosity identified the secrets of your past.. I now know a lot more about your family and your origin.. never knew you lived in France or that your family owned a chateau! Your great grandmama passed on to you her passion where as your great grandpapa passed on his strength of character never giving up determined to protect his family. Your dad… well, you are daddy’s girl! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree… Men of few words speak louder than men with many..
    Your book captivated my interest…
    Thank you for sharing a part of your heritage with us!!
    Well recommended by me!!!

    • Litsa Bolontzakis

      My dear Maro, thank you so much for your review, love it! We never lived in France we went for a reunion, with members of my father’s scattered family, cousins, and such that lived there! My father, I will miss, until the time he comes back to us, I will dream, how it will be to just see him again…
      Thank you so much!

  3. Litsa Bolontzakis

    This message was sent privately!

    Litsa, you are talented! I really enjoyed reading your book. I love the way that you write, is so poetic and detailed. I think the greek culture is amazing: It’s about family tradition, history, art and of course delicious food. You are really brave to share your story and I am happy to have learned more about you and your courageous family. My favorite chapter is “Thursday, June 16, 1988″. I love the part when you see the hand-woven pictorial portrait of you that your great grandmamma made. And de the part, when you are all cooking in the kitchen. My favorite quote is ” It feels so lovely to be in one’s private thoughts even though one is around people.” (page 67)
    Take care, Litsa. I hope you are doing well, you, and Paris, too.

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