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Divine shrimp with herbs-Litsa!


Divine shrimp with herbs.
Dill and Feta make this shrimp plate irresistible!

Great for Bruschetta  or a salad topping, finger food( Delicious)

 Here is what you need

Divine shrimp with herbs-Litsa!

20 shrimp shell removed and deveined

2 garlic cloves crushed

5 cherry tomatoes cut in half

½ cup dill chopped

1 fresh sweet corn or 1 cup from a can with no juice

½ cup white wine, it has to be good or it will make or break the recipe

A touch of salt and pepper, oregano, and a little sugar

Sprinkle with a little Feta cheese, please get the good one, real Greek Feta!

Here is How to make-Divine shrimp with herbs!

A touch of olive oil in a heavy pan with the garlic

Add the shrimp and everything else except wine and feta

Sauté for a few minutes add the wine, deglaze and cook for 3 more minutes, this recipe should not take more than 6 minutes. Always be careful with shrimp!

Ah, glorious Shrimp…






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