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Why one Heart!

One heart Litsa Bolontzakis
One heart Litsa Bolontzakis

Good morning, taping today, delicious recipes are coming your way, recipes with a past, and a future? Absolutely!

My Moto, take the control back and let’s teach our young ones how to make healthy meals. If we love them and we definitely do, we will do just that!

Remember feed your engine well and it will take you further! No parts available, you have to take care of and protect the ones you have!❤️

Sometimes when I have a conversation with my maker, I ask him, why one heart my father! You know it breaks Easy! Maybe, just maybe you could have tacked one away in a secret place and replace the broken one when the need arises! Do you know how many broken hearts are out there, of course, you do, and you are doing your best to mend them! One by one you heal them! We have to do our best to protect our heart since we only have one!

Eat well, rest and get good sleep, drink a lot of water, the heart needs hydration to keep working well, try to be happy, happy thoughts are important, get some sun and laugh, dance and do things that give you Joy! In other words, disperse the dark clouds and find what makes happy, when you do hold on to it! This is your medication for a healthy heart!

Here is something I think about often, if you have a giving heart,be prepared to get hurt,because not everyone has a heart like yours and you will be in pain sometimes!Please do things in moderation and never expect something in return,only then you will be OK!

LOL with a touch of Parapono!

Litsa with #Love!❤️

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