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My love for Animals depends on you!

Litsa Bolontzalis
Litsa Bolontzakis

Don’t take me wrong, I love #animals and dogs I adore!But my love for animals depends on you! My kids love animals, and when older they exposed me to wonderful dogs, that I loved to the very end!
I was away when Meli, our little Pomeranian Toy died and it broke my heart when I heard that she went in her favorite little place next to my side of the bed and died!

Dogs are a gift to humans, a very thoughtful gift. But I have a problem with some animal owners, actually more than one!
1 Love your animals but don’t #worship them! They have their place and they enrich our lives! But they should never take the place of humans!
2 Treat them with love and protect them. If you abuse an animal, you will not be very kind to humans as well!
3 Don’t chew their food and #feed them in my presence, I detest that!
If you love them don’t feed them human food, they have food just for animals and it is the best for them!
4 Don’t kiss them all over, they use their mouths to clean themselves up.
5 If I have to stay over at your house I will not sleep with your dog! And don’t wonder about that, it has happened to me! The dog is the king of the house and it can sleep wherever it wants, even with the guest!
6 Don’t mind me if I don’t like animal hair on me. I have an issue even with my hair on my clothes!
7 Show the same love and #affection to humans as you give to your animal! Love children and humans the same way!
9 Respect that some friends might not like animals, don’t make a choice and reject the friend! You need both in your life! I have experienced all that and much more but I never blame the animal! You know who I blame! And I say, it is up to you, the owner if I will like your animal or not, and you too!

The animal will be like you are,if you are calm,it will be calm,if you are all over the place and nervous,the animal will be just like you!They are so smart and I love them and respect them ,but I have balance and keep them in their place,and that place is a good place!

My love for your animal depends on you!

Litsa with Love❤️


  1. Maria Black

    I enjoy your website and recipes. I feel like I know you although we have never met. I enjoyed what you said about animals. I agree with you! I love my dog so much, but he does have his place.
    Love, Maria

    • Litsa Bolontzakis

      I feel the same way about you, and maybe we can meet one day and really, have a good time together over some nice coffee, and about your little dog, I like him too…Yes, when we realize they have their place we enjoy them more!

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