Happiness is a state of mind! Hopelessly happy!

Happiness is a state of mind!
Hopelessly Happy! LitsaB!

Can you be happy when everything around you is pointing in a different direction and Hopelessly Happy is hiding in the dark clouds!

Highly unlikely, you say, and I agree!

We are in lockdown again for a month, one of the months I adore, October, when the trees are going into hibernation mode along with the animals, I guess we humans are not going to be spared! Hibernation for us too!

Watch, they will let us out in January when the temperatures are in a killing mode! LOL

Hopelessly happy! How!

Well, here is what I do!

I love to have little projects lined up, therefore I have all the necessary elements to accomplish my projects! I dive into them, and time, what time, it’s not there, it doesn’t exist!

My music is playing, and every day is a different country, Oh how I love the fantastic sounds that come out of Africa lately!

The news is depressing, ultimately, I choose not to listen to the news, that keeps my husband annoyed, and he will volunteer information no matter what! Not happy about that!

I have to discipline myself to dress up every morning with makeup and perfume, I want to like myself even though no one comes to the house. I want to look good for M.E.!

Gloomy days are the worst. I make it a point not to look outside all the time; why look outside? It’s not going to change any time soon!

But sunny days are the best, I will go out and get some of those amazing rays, to get all the Vitamin D that I need, and help my system to cope with what is going on!

Also, I like to talk to one of my friends every day!

Setting a festive table once a day is a must!

Cooking delicious food is therapeutic for me, and I will never consider preparing a delightful meal work!

When I want to rest, a good movie with action or a book will do it so well!

Those are some of my ways to be Hopelessly happy, and they work for me!

Now we all have reason’s to be Hopelessly Happy. We just have to identify them!

Go to work and search within you, find what makes you happy no matter what, and get to work, because YOU are responsible for your happiness!

Litsa with LOVE!


P.S. Did I mention I love chocolate? Yes, when I am about to go down, a little piece of chocolate will make me come up again!




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