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A good name is worthy of respect!


What is a good name worth!

Litsa Bolontzakis
Litsa Bolontzakis

When you start your life, you are a book with blanc pages!

Slowly the adventure of life begins, and as you grow your characteristics develop to make you the individual you are! Many of those characteristics are perfect, but some need adjusting, and as you grow and realize that fact you slowly make the little changes to bring yourself close to the desired end result! Someone that you will be happy to be! Someone that you can love!YOU!

Make the adjustments!

It takes work and perseverance, to create a good name because you will not be perfect and mistakes are on the agenda! But the million-dollar question is, will you be smart to learn from your mistakes! It would be a lot better if we can learn from the mistakes of others! But that doesn’t mean we will be excluded from making our own, so just take it all in and come to terms with the fact that you will have your share of disappointments, just be kind to yourself and learn!

Learn to Forgive yourself! For some very difficult to do, but so important to achieve!

Step by step, day by day, word by word you built your self-worth!

It takes time and great effort to make a good name for yourself!

Your good name has a reflection, it brings a feeling of happiness to your parents to your children and of course to your creator! Doors open when you have a good name, others are happy to be with you! I always say, visit a place, have a great time, but when you go leave behind a delicious scent, with your words and your smile, with all you say and all you do, so you can be welcome the next time! There are all kinds of aromas, you make sure to leave behind the most expensive one!!

And do you know what is going to help you have a Good name, a great attitude especially when all things are not perfect! To acknowledge that something went wrong and apologize is like the best remedy, it heals all wounds and it makes all the difference in calming the spirit and the heart!  Also been surrounded by the same-minded people, there is a saying amongst the Greek people, “Show me your friends and I will tell you WHAT you are”!

Protect your children, how you might say!

Everything you say and do will play a big roll in your children’s lives! Doors will open or close depending on your reputation! Your good name! By having a good and working hard to maintain it you are actually protecting your children! They will be respected or not!

Wise words!

Having a good name is priceless, my advice is to protect it, don’t let anyone play with your good name and reputation! Keep away from the ones that have that tendency, to destroy good names and lives! You have the right to do just that, protect your good name!


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