What do you bring to the table every night!


All young and old play a part if the family will be a place of comfort!

A family is a group of people brought together not by choice but by genetics. A family is a loving arrangement that, when it runs well, is like a well-oiled machine. It’s a place that we can come to and find pleasure, feel safe, and be happy.

In order for the family to function well and not become dysfunctional, every member has a responsibility to contribute and do his or her part so that the family is a haven for all its members. It will never work well if the responsibility rests only with one person.

Take, for example, mealtimes. We all have to contribute a little something if we want to have an enjoyable meal; even children have a responsibility to help make mealtimes fun times. Parents work hard to provide and take care of everything, like shopping for food, preparing it, and so much more.

I feel that if we all bring something to the table, mealtimes can be the best time of the day, and everyone will look forward to it! A piece of good news, a joke, a compliment for the person who toiled, maybe for hours, to make us happy by cooking our favorite meal—it doesn’t take much, really!

We all have to do our best so that our family will run well. It’s not one person’s duty—for instance, the mother’s—to take care of every little detail. She can do her very best but in order to continue, she needs the loving cooperation and support of the rest of the family. The same goes for the father: he works hard so we should say, “thank you,” from time to time.

Without the right encouragement, people tire out and they don’t blossom any more. Just as a flower wilts and dies without water, so the people around us will figuratively die if we don’t encourage them!

What a great opportunity we have to gather together after a long day! What a blessing it is for us to make it home safe every night, to share a great meal, and to feel loved once again! Home is where we find our comfort zone, where we recharge our energy, and where we feel secure.

What if you have a little problem that is on your mind? Is mealtime a good time to bring it up? I would say that when the family gets together for a meal is not the best time to discuss any problems. Wait until after the meal to mention what is bothering you.

Time flies and only memories remain, so make them good and make them count! Make mealtimes fun times—it’s good for the digestion to be happy when you eat!

Well, then? What are you bringing to the table tonight? Think about it and surprise everyone, it’s worth it….

 Sing a song and make a little happy dance if you agree!

Litsa with Love!


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