Greek chicken soup Avgolemono
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Greek chicken soup Avgolemono( with Orzo) Litsa!

Greek chicken soup Avgolemono
Greek chicken soup Avgolemono

Greek Chicken Soup Avgolemono is my favorite soup when made from scratch, delicious and healthy!

As you can see I don’t have many chicken recipes on my site.

Growing up my mother hated chickens, she used to watch them eat when she was growing up and she said no, not for me, free-range chickens eat everything…Imagine never eating chicken growing up.

In my early teens, I started having chicken and it was so good…

I like chicken and I will make different recipes for the bird but I have limits.

I always wonder about the fascination North Americans have with chicken and it puzzles me…One thing that comes to mind is, it’s not expensive and it cooks easily…Well, those are very good reasons to have chicken, I guess…I prefer Lamb, Veal and Fish, am Greek after all…And if I can, I will not serve chicken to my guests…But I will serve Greek chicken soup Avgolemono!!

Here is my recipe for Greek chicken soup Avgolemono

1 free-range Chicken

1 large onion

2 potatoes  2 celery stalks, 2 carrots

3 cloves garlic

1 cup Orzo

2 small lemons

2-3 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Here is what to do

Dice all the vegetables and have them ready for use.

Wash chicken very well, remove all visible fat most of the skin and cut the chicken into portions.

Place the chicken in a large pot with enough water to cover and some more and bring to a boil uncovered.

When the chicken starts to boil, the froth will develop on the sides of the pot, remove with a large spoon.

Wait a few minutes until all froth is removed, now add all the vegetables, salt, and pepper and simmer for about 30 minutes.

At this point the Greek chicken soup is ready, add more water, bring to the boiling point and add the Orzo.

Make sure that the Orzo is Semolina Orzo. Cook for 10 minutes and your chicken soup is ready. You can enjoy it like this or make the Avgolemono for something extraordinary. If you are making the Avgolemono, remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes.

Here is how you make the Avgolemono

In a double measuring cup put the juice of the 2 lemons and enough liquid from the soup to have 2 cups

With a mixer beat the whites of the eggs until soft picks form, add the yolks and continue 1 more minute. While you are working the eggs slowly pour the lemon mixture into the eggs. Add the eggs to your chicken soup and you have a soup to die for. Move it around a little bit and you are ready to serve.

Please remember no cooking after this point and it’s better served immediately…

Also, we like to use pepper when eating this soup.

Having the chicken in portions makes a more hearty soup and my family loves it this way…

What makes the Greek chicken soup different, is the Avgolemono in the soup…..

Your Greek chicken soup Avgolemono is ready, have fun!

Think of your foodie friends and get them a book about Greek cooking!

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  1. Maria Piazza

    I made this avgrolemono soup and my family LOVED it!

    Thank you!

    Your sister Maria

  2. Litsa Bolontzakis

    Thank you Maria, so happy you made it and that your family liked it!

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