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Grilled sweet potato salad! Litsa!

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Grilled sweet potatoe salad

Love this salad,  different and very delicious! Very healthy to say the least! Dynamite in flavor and taste this grilled sweet potato salad is! Please don’t forget the cinnamon in the salad dressing.The salad becomes a stellar salad, five-star salad!

The health benefits are too numerous to mention, so here are just a few

“Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, vitamin B5, B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, and, due to their orange color, are high in carotenoids,”

Sweet potatoes are my best friends, they cook easy, they are very healthy and delicious, children love them, how can you go wrong with sweet potatoes!

They control blood sugar, they have anti-inflammatory properties and the list goes on and on!

In many countries like Greece, they are expensive, but try to have them at least once a week, believe me, worth every penny if you ask me.

They pack so much goodness, it’s unbelievable!

You will love how easy it is to make and the flavor is phenomenal!

Great with a BBQ, add a little protein like a piece of chicken or fish and you have a complete meal!

Greek Briami-Litsa!

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Meatless Monday can be such a joy if we plan ahead and we are ready…Here is a fresh idea, Greek Briami…

Briami, a medley of seasonal vegetables cooked with tomatoes and olive oil, served over Orzo…Delicious…

A perfect vegetarian meal, or a side for a pork chop, chicken and any kind of protein!

Great addition to a gathering, a BBQ because it goes a long way!

Greek Briami-Litsa!

Greek Briami-Litsa!

Hearty Greek Lentil Soup Litsa!

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Hearty Greek Lentil Soup Litsa!

Hearty Lentil soup is a favorite winter soup for the Greek people!

The Greek way is plain with no vegetables, we make them in tomato sauce with garlic, bay leaf salt, and pepper adding a little vinegar at the end with the olive oil! 

They are delicious this way no question about that!

My recipe takes into consideration the children and how we can make this very nutritious legume inviting to our young ones. This recipe is delicious and children friendly. This is a budget-friendly soup and so easy to make.

Lentils are very nutritious and with the many vegetables and olive oil, the soup becomes a super healthy food.

You can enjoy this soup hot or cold, make a big batch and have it available.

PS You can replace half of the water with vegetable stock and omit the chicken base for a healthy vegan meal!