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Greek meatballs Giouvarlakia
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Greek Meatball soup (youvarlakia)


A traditional Greek soup with Avgolemono, lemony and full of goodness! The Avgolemono makes this soup so different! Youvarlakia! A great soup as a main or a starter, a soup loved by my guests! Here is what you will need! 500 gr. (1 lb) minced beef (lean) 1 cup rice […]

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On a very cold day like today,Litsa!

On a very cold day like today, what do you do! If you are a native Canadian you are happy and you know how to enjoy the day! If you are from another country and from the south, you will spend the day feeling unhappy and you will be dreaming [...]
Onion soup by Litsa!

Onion Soup-Litsa!

I  like my Onion soup made with a little wine! On a wintery, snowy day I crave Onion soup, not any kind of Onion soup but the real deal, made from scratch the way I like it with a little red wine and croutons. Here is my recipe, easy and [...]