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One-pot lemon pasta!Litsa!


We have been doing one-pot lemon pasta for a long time, we meaning Greek people…And here is my recipe for one-pot lemon pasta! This  recipe is for 2 I remember that is how my father liked his Pasta. He was always hungry as all men are and this recipe was so fast […]

Litsa Bolontzakis
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My 10 Best Greek Recipes LitsaB!


I love Greek food, and I think many people love the taste of Greece. Here are my 10 best Greek recipes and you will love them! I mean, what is there not to love? The fresh ingredients – fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of their ripeness, fish caught […]


Shrimp with garlic and wine-Litsa!


For the love of shrimp-Shrimp with garlic and wine! I love shrimp and I will have them anyway and at any time…Shrimp with garlic and wine I adore! I like them plain, with pasta, in saganaki and the list goes on and on… Here is my very easy way to […]

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Lemony chickpeas with Orzo-LITSA!


A simple recipe with so much flavor!Lemony! Chickpeas with Orzo, a recipe from the island of Crete, they make it with rice, leftover chickpeas never go to waste, the next day is a new meal when you add rice! I decided to make them with orzo and love them! A […]