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Giagandes by Litsa Bolontzakis

Gigantes,Lima beans the Litsa way!


Gigantes, the word means Giants in Greek, and Lima beans are, a big giant like bean! We love them, and we enjoy them when we entertain with Meze or a main meal! Very healthy, little bullets of protein! Hearty and easy to make, just be prepared and have them available! […]

Main Dishes

Osso Bucco,my lemony recipe!Litsa!


Osso Bucco, my lemony recipe!Lemony Osso Bucco 6 pieces of pork Osso Bucco 2 onions sliced 6 cloves garlic sliced ½ cup olive oil 1 cup white wine 1 lemon the juice and the rind 2 cups broth, beef or chicken Salt, pepper, 1 tsp dry Oregano and ½ tsp […]

karidopita by Litsa!
Deserts Recipes

Karidopita by Litsa!

Karidopita by Litsa! 20 pieces! Karidopita!A traditional Greek dessert.A winter dessert with a nice syrup, Karidopita by Litsa! great with a cup of coffee or tea! I also like it with ice cream! I had a problem with it in the past! I never liked the strong flavor of baking soda used. [...]