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Greek meatballs Giouvarlakia
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Greek Meatball soup (youvarlakia)


What are Youvarlakia, and how do you make them? Youvarlakia is A traditional Greek soup with meatballs, and lemony Avgolemono, a soup full of goodness! The Avgolemono makes this soup so different! Youvarlakia! A great soup as a main or a starter, a soup loved by my guests! Here is […]

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A good name is worthy of respect!


What is a good name worth! When you start your life, you are a book with blanc pages! Slowly the adventure of life begins, and as you grow your characteristics develop to make you the individual you are! Many of those characteristics are perfect, but some need adjusting, and as […]

Mint Mohito Litsa with Love!!
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Mint Mohito? Litsa with Love!


Ah, the temperamental Mint, It grows wild and out of control, it ignores you and it is stubborn, it takes over quietly and with mint, it’s very hard to win, unless you have some of the same qualities and you are persistent and you say, these are your boundaries my […]

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Greek roasted vegetables (Tourlou-Tourlou)


What is Tourlou-Tourlou? (Tourlou-Tourlou) is a  medley of Greek roasted vegetables with herbs and spices, that say, the good times are here, and you have to adopt this recipe especially if you are a vegetarian! Here is (Tourlou-Tourlou)a summer recipe that is so easy and at the same time so […]