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  The national soup of Greece Fasolada! Fasolada or as the Greek people call their national treasure, Fasoulada.The Greek bean soup that helped Greek people make it through difficult economic periods, like the German occupation and now. Dry white beans, navy beans, simmered with healthy vegetables is an ideal vegetarian […]

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Pitaroudia- Meze-Litsa!


Pitaroudia, a meze to have in mind! Here is the recipe for Pitaroudia…a delicacy from the island of Rhodes! It is amazing just how each region in Greece has something different to offer! Pitaroudia you will find only in that particular place! Rhodes is a beautiful island. I love to […]

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Greek Watermelon salad! Litsa!

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  Greek Watermelon Salad! Summer and watermelon, the perfect fruit for the sweltering days of summer! Greek watermelon salad with some Feta cheese is delicious! Fresh and juicy, a salad, unlike any other salads! It does wonders for hydrating our system when we need it the most! A slice of […]